As we prepare to reopen.  Your safety, our safety, and the safety of everyone we come in contact with has been, is, and will remain our #1 priority.

In order comply with state and CDC guidelines, here is a list of our restrictions:

  1. All clients will be screened via forehead thermometer. 
  2. Signed Hold Harmless Agreement will be provided and must be signed.
  3. No food allowed under any circumstances.  Only liquids.
  4. No bags, purses, of any sort.  Only wallet, keys, and cellphone will be allowed.
  5. No guest or children under any circumstances
  6. Client must wear face mask while being serviced. Beautiful LocSoc Mask are available for sale.
  7. If you arrive early for your appointment please remain in your vehicle.

Latching, loc re-twisting and color services will increase by $20 for June, July, and August.

Clients with appointments already on books before the Pandemic will be rescheduled first.  All other clients will be rescheduled first come first serve based on your calls for service. Call now and leave a message with your request.  No message equates to no callback.

Thank you, God Bless you, and we look forward to seeing soon.  In the meantime, remember the three P’s – Pray, Prepare, and Protect!