“For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.”
Jeremiah 29:11

B.A.D. Braids And Dreds is Richmond’s preeminent Natural Hair Care Salon. Our speciality is Natural Hair in all forms, lengths, textures and styles. All of our Natural Hair Care Professionals have been trained by the best to provide you with quality, stylish, and affordable natural hair care services. All of our professionals are trained in the art of hair locking, lock grooming, creative lock styling and more.

While we offer a number of services such as textured weaving, braiding, flat ironing, natural hair maintenance and more, our passion is creating and maintaining healthy, beautiful, free flowing locs. So if you dare to care about your locs and natural hair, come by and pay us a visit. As an added bonus, we believe in old fashioned “CUSTOMER SERVICE”


It’s simple. The entire time you are wearing your style, we will massage, clean, condition, and boost your scalp, then we fill-in, tighten, trim and restyle when and where required. We do this every three weeks for the life of your braid, weave, or interlocked style. You do nothing except apply NHR – Scalp Rejuvenator to your scalp once per week, tie your hair or sleep with a silk, satin, or nylon scarf and leave the rest to us. We are the first and only Salon to offer this service free of charge. Our free maintenance applies to all braided, interlocked, weaved and certain natural hair styles. 

Our primary concern is for the CARE OF OUR CLIENTS HAIR. We not only strive for client satisfaction but we want each client to know the importance of proper hair care. We assist our clients with severely damaged hair caused by relaxing, over processing, male/female patterned baldness, alopecia, and other hair and scalp conditions. We have many styles to choose from and can cater to your natural hair ideas; more importantly YOU’RE HAIR NEEDS by suggesting proper diet and herbal remedies for healthy hair and scalp. This is why we offer FULL AND COMPLETE MAINTENANCE every three weeks FOR THE LIFE OF YOUR BRAID STYLE.

With the emergence of so many Natural Hair Care and Locking Salons and salons who simply follow trends, it is very important for your decision to be based on more then just a “telephone conversation ” and “a price”. At B.A.D. we urge consultations; this gives us the opportunity to meet, discuss your needs, evaluate your hair condition and establish a relationship before you sit in our chair. If you are “serious” about your hair, you should be serious about whose hands are in it, where you will be spending your hard earned money, and the environment you have to endure for a number of hours. CONSULTATIONS should be a MUST and as an educated, consumer you must demand it. Don’t just walk into a salon BLINDLY; see what you are getting into first.

Deposit Policy
A $15 deposit is required from all first time clients
A $25 deposit is required from all clients receiving service $200 and up.
All Deposits Are Non-Refundable

Our staff will contact you at least 2 -3 days prior to your appointment to confirm. If we do not receive confirmation within 24 hours of our call, we reserve the right to cancel your appointment.

If you confirm an appointment and cancel the day of your appointment, you will be required to pay a $15 cancellation fee prior to being rescheduled.

Forms of Payments
We accept Cash, Credit Cards, and Debit Cards. WE DO NOT ACCEPT CHECKS UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES.